Carports and Car Parks

We install concrete to existing carports, new build carports and car parks on any rural, residential, body corporate or commercial property.

The higher load that car park finishes are exposed to must be accurately calculated to ensure the surface is of the industry mandated thickness, concrete mix & reinforcement to avoid major cracking. Factors and other issues to consider include existing bordering surfaces & boundaries, the joints required, anchoring, adjacent kerbing and falls which may affect drainage. Other factors that we can address and allow for are your plumbing and utility services.

We correctly complete earthworks to prepare your project and utilise the correct size concrete pump in order to place and accurately pour the concrete for your slab.

We understand that carports on a property can be a highly conspicuous edifice therefore we offer free onsite consultations as part of our quoting service to aid you in making these important decisions. If this is not possible, we are able to quote directly from the plans you may have.

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