Bridges, Overpasses & Causeways

CJR Group has built a number of concrete bridges in various locations over the years. The most popular & durable choice is plain grey concrete.

All geographical aspects are considered. These include building for strength regarding the loading large vehicles can subject a bridge to, plus longevity, since we are well aware that flooding can severely buffet these structures.

CJR Group has an entire in-house network at our disposal which provides the heavy lifting machinery necessary to place pylons & beams, drill foundations & move earth.

We can build to plans, use prefab frames or simply place to concepts & conditions. Every design is unique to its purpose & topography. Bridges can be tied in to your new driveway to create a seamless, safe, durable over pass which will last for many years. Spoon drains may also be added to aid runoff & to prevent erosion from undermining your base.

Call Dino at CJR Group to discuss your requirements & obtain a free estimate.

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Projects for Bridges, Overpasses & Causeways


Industrial Bridge for Cane Farm

Heavy duty bridge designed to withstand heavy duty machinery and the big odd flood. Inquik's prefabricated semi modular construction system provided the perfect framework for CJR Group to construct, install and concrete this eye catching rural bridge